Rest in Peace my friend

Every so often a friends name and a memory of them pops in to my head. Today it happened a couple times.

A short while ago I thought of Mara Ciereszynski, whom I met through ten years ago.image

She used to live in this great old building that overlooks Dolores Park.
At the time she seemed to have a tendency of losing her cell phone. One day I left a long roll of string with cups on either end at her buildings front door so she could “call me” if she needed to. The memory made me smile, so I went to her FB page.

Mara passed away in June 2010.

I had no idea.

Time passes so quickly sometimes and you miss opportunities to reach out to people you care about.

I’m sorry Mara, I guess I lost my end of the string.

Baruch dayan ha’emet.

In response to this post, which I also posted on my FB page, a wise friend said, “Think of it this way. If you’d never checked, never found out, you would have never had the chance to open your heart and allow her spirit inside.”

It’s so sweet and beautiful. And true. 

I have so many tomato plants this year. A rare Japanese tomato plant, a few Gold Rush Currants which are the ones with long branches of a dozen or so tiny tomatoes, yellow pears and Reisentraube cherries. Can’t wait for them. Also, two little artichoke plants crapped out because I am trying to not water as much with this bad drought we are in, but in their place and much to my surprise, potato plants popped up. Don’t know how since I didn’t plant any there.