I realized today that I neglected to post much of my harvest from this past summer/fall. So here are some of the photos I did take.

Blueberries came in pints, in fact, there are a few ripe ones on the bush RIGHT NOW! It’s freaking January. They just don’t stop!
I harvested my beets, rainbow carrots, tons of tomatoes including the Giant White and Black Cherry Heirloom varieties pictured, artichokes and we had quite a crop of pears from the pear tree this year. Not to mention the plum tree crop, the chard the sweetest sugar peas, the yellow pear tomatoes, pickle cukes, baby red potatoes and a little kale.

For 2012 I’ve got some purple carrots as well as a new rainbow variety, some blue pumpkins (yay!), some strawberries, lettuce mix, bush pickles (cukes), Finn Apple potatoes and I’m even going to try romanesco broccoli! This is on top of the regular batches of sugar peas, tons of tomatoes and our fruit trees.

Ambitious, I know. But I gotta try!

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